beauty essentials in summer

With the temperatures soaring over 40 degrees, it is essential to follow summer beauty tips. Summer can be extremely harmful to your skin with grime, dirt, and makeup build-up. It is essential to take extra care of your skin during the endless summer days. You need to pay attention to your skincare routine and opt for fresher and lighter essentials for reviving your dull and fatigued skin. 


This is an essential skincare product regardless of the season. However, during the summer, there are chances that you will be out in the sun for longer. So, you must invest in a good sunscreen.

Pilgrim White Lotus Day Cream SPF 50 is a great choice in that regard! It protects your skin from the damaging sun rays and prevents sun/age spots. Not just your face, you should apply sunscreen on your body too. 

Tone down the makeup

Most of the time, makeup doesn’t combine well with sweaty skin. The foundation will start moving around and your eyelashes and eyebrows melt off, which is not a good look for you. So, during the hot summer days, it isn’t a bad idea to go naked with makeup. You can use a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation that will eventually appear cakey. You are likely to have that extra glow during the summer anyway! 

Other makeup products you can consider leaving out include blush and highlighter. Due to the sweat, you will look shinier than usual. So, adding more shine to your skin is not needed. However, it can be a great idea to add a lip gloss. Just make sure you use a hydrating one since your lips can dry out due to the sun. 

Face mist

During the hot season, nothing can be more refreshing than a face mist. If you are not aware of the potentials of a face mist, you must know that it is much more than just water in a fancy bottle. The most important job it does is refreshing and hydrating your skin. It is a perfect hydration solution when the sun dries out your skin. Even if you have oily skin, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily use face mists on oily skin. Get the Pilgrim White Lotus Natural Face Mist & Toner with Camellia & Witch Hazel. It comes with extra hydrating ingredients and keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. 

If you are careful in choosing your face mist, it helps control oil production. The most amazing thing about face mists is that they are multifunctional. 

Furthermore, a face mist doesn’t mess up your makeup. Instead, it can even be used as a setting spray. You can get even more out of this product if you are wise with its use in your makeup routine. For instance, you can use it between your makeup and moisturizing. It will help you seal the moisturizer while also creating a dewy look. Not just that, face mists can also be used as makeup primers. An essential product for summer!

Hair Accessories

If you have long hair, summer can be particularly tricky. Sweaty neck and hair do not give you a good feeling. Thankfully, you have options to manage things. Hair clips and headbands come in very handy during the summer season and they must be one of the essentials. Furthermore, you can even experiment and give yourself a new look!

Give yourself a glow

Glamming up your skin will make you more confident to show off your skin during summer. There are many options for giving your skin that additional glow. You can even use fake tan, or a body lotion that has fake tanner, to make your skin look more tanned. If you are happy with the color of your skin but want to make it glow more, you can use a body shimmer. Not just that, you need to keep your skin hydrated during summer. So, a body lotion, preferably with Aloe Vera, after a shower is one of the essential summer beauty tips. It allows your tan to stay longer even after summer. 

Protect your skin and hair

It goes without saying that you need to be more careful about protecting your skin during summer. Similarly, your hair needs additional care during the hot season. The importance of a good skin and hair care routine cannot be emphasized enough. You need to take the necessary steps to protect your skin and hair from the danger of the sun. In that regard, it is best to use natural products and avoid products with harmful ingredients. Skin and hair care aren’t just limited to when you are out in the sun. Aftercare is just as important. Take time to give your skin and hair the extra love it needs!

White Lotus Natural Face Mist & Toner with Camellia & Witch Hazel

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