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Your Guide to Glass Skin

The world is fascinated with all things K-beauty and it is here to stay. Marked by constant innovation, remarkable ingredients and affordability, K-beauty has a language of its own.

Asians believe in having a flawless skin and describe it in terms like honey skin, dewy skin, cloudless skin etc. depending upon its appearance. The latest entrant is Glass skin.

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Body Exfoliation: Dream Skin Delivered

Full body exfoliation using a body scrub is one of the most popular and effective methods of stimulating the skin.

Like all organs, the skin also needs stimulation to keep it in optimal health. As we age the skin loses collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are the structural unit of the skin, which is responsible for the skin being firm and plump. The loss of collagen makes the skin thinner and causes it to wrinkle and sag.

Research shows that physically stimulating the skin promotes the production of collagen and increases its thickness, thereby maintaining its youthful appearance.

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60 Second Rule: The Best Way to Wash Your Face

Introduced by skin care experts, the 60 second face wash or 60 second rule caught up pretty fast and attracted a lot of interest worldwide. It promises brighter, smoother and glowing skin against zero investment but extra 50 seconds of time coupled with the right cleanser. It also promises to heal breakouts faster and fade away hyperpigmentation and texture overtime.

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